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Daniel Venegas

Daniel Venegas (b. 1985, El Paso, Texas) is an American artist and a creative director for a branding agency in New York.  He received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Interdisciplinary studies with a focus on mass communication from Arizona State University in 2007. The following year Venegas was accepted into the Miami Ad School art direction program where he studied graphic design, film, and photography at creative agencies in Amsterdam and New York. He now holds a teaching position at the Miami Ad School of New York.   

He works within photography and video in order to visually present his views, thoughts and the people who enter his life. Venegas’ photography consists primarily of portraits which he captures in series. This is done so that he along with viewers can develop a deeper connection with the subjects in the photographs. In many cases, this deeper connection manifests itself in two ways: documenting a person over the course of an experience or by magnifying the unique physical characteristics of the individual.